Steak, in this case, is not a slab of red meat, but the debut feature film from Quentin Dupieux, better known to Ed Banger Records fans as Mr. Oizo. The 90-minute film is set in the year 2016, and follows a young man named George, who is obsessed with the latest rage in the fashion world–facelifts. Rich bullies, virtual sports, a kidnapping, and ransom money all make up important plot points in the story, and if Steak anything like the slew of Ed Banger music videos available, it should be quite the juicy treat.

The film’s soundtrack is, appropriately, available on Ed Banger June 18, 2007. Those in Paris can head out to the film’s release party on June 20 (also the film’s release date), at Paris, 5 avenue de l’Opera.