Time for another eccentric offering from the Ed Banger family. Quentin Depieux, otherwise known as the inimitable Mr. Oizo, has announced the release of his third solo full-length, Lamb’s Anger.

If initial buzz is anything to go by, we can expect more heavily distorted electronics and electro rhythms on the 17 tracks that make up the new album. Depieux himself has said that some songs “are good, some are bad, some are just OK.” He’s also put together this teaser for you to mull over in the days leading up to the album’s January 26 release date.

Lamb’s Anger
1. Hun
2. Pourriture 2
3. Z
4. Cut Dick
5. Two Takes It feat. Carmen Castro
6. Rank
7. Bruce Willis Is Dead
8. Jo
9. Positif
10. Lamb’s Anger
11. Erreur Jean feat. Errorsmith
12. Steroids feat. Uffie
13. Gay Dentists
14. Pourriture 7
15. W
16. Lars Von Sen
17. Blind Concerto