When we launched Ask the Experts over the summer, our intuition told us that the XLR8R audience would be excited about it. After all, who wouldn’t like the chance to directly ask one of their favorite artists a question or two? However, what’s really been surprising is the enthusiasm with which the participating artists have approached the task. Just last week, Vladislav Delay went deep and delivered a very lengthy set of answers tackling a myriad of reader queries. And while we’re not expecting every artist to write a novel-length series of responses, we have been pleased that just about everyone we’ve asked to participate in the monthly series has said quickly “yes.” For November, we’ve enlisted another veteran producer, Mr. Oizo (a.k.a. Quentin Dupieux), to share his knowledge with the XLR8R massive.

In a couple of weeks, Mr. Oizo will be releasing a new album, The Church, his first original full-length for Brainfeeder. (The Flying Lotus-helmed label did reissue 2005’s Moustache (Half a Scissor) LP a few years back.) However, the French producer—who also works as a film director—has actually been turning out releases since the late ’90s, and previously maintained lengthy affiliations with the Ed Banger and F Communications imprints.

Given his lengthy resume, there are plenty of topics that Mr. Oizo can tackle. While most of the questions will certainly revolve around production, readers should also feel free to ask about touring, remixing, traveling, or pretty much any aspect of being an artist. Queries should be sent ASAP to asktheexperts@xlr8r.com; all of the entries will be sent along to Mr. Oizo, and he’ll select a handful to answer. His responses will be posted in a new edition of Ask the Experts at the end of the month, which will be followed by another installment (with a new artist) every month thereafter. Start sending in those questions now.