In its quest to to infiltrate the minds of those crazy indie kids, MTV’s URGE network has inked a deal to release exclusive goods from legendary techno label Planet E, as well as Paris-based Ed Banger Records. As of today, the corporate giant gets first dibs on brand new songs and never-before-heard tracks and albums from both imprints.

“Electronic music is growing in mass appeal,” says Michael Bloom, VP of MTV’s digital music. “Its influence can be felt as it moves beyond dance and surfaces more frequently in such genres as hip-hop and pop.” No kidding. If we’re already on to Rave, Round II then the electronic scene must have had some influence on other musical genres during the last, uh, twenty years.

Justice and Carl Craig will both issue unreleased material to URGE.

Still, there is a bright side to all this corporate deal making. Historically Planet E and Ed Banger have catered to Europe, and while their tracks have certainly been available to those living Stateside, getting one’s hands on certain releases is at times frustrating. At least with this new deal the only hurdle us North Americans will face is navigating URGE’s impossible interface to find the tracks.

And on that note, here’s a lineup of the aforementioned releases out now on URGE. Get ’em while their hot.

Planet E
Tres Demented “Shez Satan”
Ican “A Quien”
Martin Buttrich “Full Clip”
Vince Watson “Renaissance”
Lazy Fat People “Silencio”
Carl CraigAlbum Formerly Known As… and More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art
Paperclip People The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich
Naomi Daniel and Carl Craig “Feel the Fire/Stars”
Carl Craig “Just Another Day”
Innerzone Orchestra “Bug in the Bassgin”
Paperclip People “4 My Peepz”
Tres Demented “Demented”
Designer Music “Goodgirls”

Ed Banger
Krazy Baldhead “Bill’s Break”
Zongamin “Bongo Song”
Sebastian “Smoking Kills”
Mr. Flash “Champions”
DJ Medi “I Am Somebody
Sebastian Ross Ross Ross