For their fourth installment of the I’m Starting to Feel Okay compilation series, the Mule Musiq and Endless Flight labels have brought together new and exclusive tracks from the likes of KZA, Mugwump, Marcos Cabral (from Runaway and pictured above), Sect (a.k.a. Soul Clap), Moscow, DJ Sprinkles, among many others. I’m Starting to Feel Okay Vol. 4 is 18 tracks of assorted housey disco tunes compiled by Mule label head Toshiya Kawasaki and mixed by KZA, and will be available August 30. Take a look at the artwork and tracklist below.

01. Kuniyuki – Touch (Amo1 Remix)
02. Eddie C – Gimme Your Dub
03. Johnwaynes – High (Just John Mix)
04. KZA – Le Troublant Acid
05. Sect – Thieve Scrilla
06. Moscow – Throw Up (B.Saurus Remix)
07. The Revenge – Leave Your Mind
08. Kaoru Inoue – Esc (John Daly Remix)
09. Mugwump – Dissidaze
10. Padded Cell – Discorcism
11. Runaway – Caprice Drive
12. DJ Sprinkles – Masturjakor (Kink & Neville Watson remix)
13. Mark Seven – Swept Away
14. Marcos Cabral – I Prefer to Smoke Alone
15. Kuniyuki – Night Forest (Oriental Dub)
16. Johnwaynes – Entrudo (Deep in Space Mix)
17. Culoe de Song – The Fallen Shiren
18. Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki – Once Again (Henrik Version)