Mukqs will release a new album on Jacktone Records, titled Mem Aleph

Mukqs is the solo moniker of Chicago-based producer Maxwell Allison, co-founder of experimental label Hausu Mountain and member of noise improv trio Good Willsmith. Mem Aleph, his first album on Jacktone Records, finds him shelving the more noise- and sound collage-focused branches of his practice to hone directly in on a strain of electronic dance music more in step with his previous beat-based releases on labels like Midwich and Doom Trip Records. 

We’re told that the A-side of the album stacks moody electronic melodies over steady networks of beats as it shifts from a slow churning intro through bursts of all consuming organ pads and out into a hypnotic, minimalism-influenced finale weighted thick with orchestral MIDI tones and zig-zagging arpeggios. The B-side shifts the spotlight onto Allison’s scrolling cassette deck bank of samples. 

Jacktone Records has been fostering electronic musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond since 2013. Its last release, Your Ruling Planet, came from Doc Sleep, who co-runs the label with Darren Cutlip. 


01. Terminal Exo

02. Mesos

03. Autolock True 

04. Miracle Love Item

05. False Minoshiro

06. For Diane

Mem Aleph LP lands June 7, with pre-order here and “Autolock True” streaming below.