Japan’s Mule Musiq will release the second album of Martin Enke (a.k.a. Lake People), titled Phase Transition.

Phase Transition arrives after half a decade of strong EPs on labels including Krakatau Records and Rumors; while it was Permanent Vacation who handled the Leipzig and Berlin-based producer’s 2015 debut LP, titled Purposely Uncertain Field.

According to the label, the LP sees Enke shift towards “a focus on the essentials of electronic club music: sounds and groove, rough and playful interweaved with the aesthetic particles of techno.” It was recorded using “analog synthesizers, UAD, and other creative interfaces” and “bears the influence of deep house pioneer Larry Heard.”


01. Frame Of Reference
02. Subsurface
03. Fabula
04. Mutual Isolated
05. Catharctic
06. Syuzhet
07. Spark Eroded
08. Delusive
09. Charlie Carlisle
10. Tomorrow’s Happiness

Phase Transition is scheduled for June 30 release, with clips available here.