Following two critically acclaimed studio albums on the [a :rpia:r] label—which he runs with Rhadoo and Raresh—Petre Inspirescu will drop his third LP, Vin Ploile, on Tokyo label Mule Musiq.

Inspirescu debuted on the label last year with Talking Waters, a rolling, groove-based 12″, and now returns with an album comprised of mostly live instrumentation, a step away from his usual dancefloor-focused sound. The album explores dub and latin influences, with the Romanian artist “using only piano, string & wind instrument elements and analogue electronics to craft a deep and hypnotic arrangement of tones and rhythms.”

Vin Ploile will arrive on December 4, with the full tracklisting below.

01 Delir 1
02 Delir 2
03 Delir 3
04 Delir 4
05 Delir 5
06 Delir 6
07 Delir 7
08 Lumiere
09 Pan’la Glezne