UK producer and former Bubblin’ Up artist Mumdance will helm the next installment of the Fabriclive mix series. According to a press release, a large portion of the album’s featured tracks were specially commissioned and will be exclusive to the release. “I wanted my Fabriclive mix to represent what I would play in Fabric and also what you might hear on my Rinse FM show,” Mumdance states. “I’ve made a conscious decision to focus on interesting rhythms and drum arrangements, moving away from more conventional 4×4 drum patterns,” he continues. “Although some of the selections might be challenging in places for some listeners, in my own personal experience it’s not the most immediate music which has the greatest longevity, it’s the music which you really have to build a relationship with before you get the most out of it which ends up being closest to your heart.”

Featured throughout the mix are a number of Mumdance’s own collaborations with Logos and Novelist, forthcoming dubs from Untold and Acre, influential hardcore-era selections from Bass Selective, Fat Controller, Jimmy J, and Cru-l-t, and so-called “weightless” offerings from Shapednoise, Helm, Wanda Group, and Strict Face, among others.

Mumdance’s Fabriclive 80 sees an official release on March 16, and its complete tracklist can be viewed below. A launch party shortly following the release of the mix will be held at London’s Fabric club on April 10, with Pinch, Novelist & Riko Dan, Randall (presenting a “90-92 hardcore set”), Logos, and CJ Yaxley B2B Temple all scheduled to appear.

1. Shapednoise – Travels In The Universe Of The Soul
2. @c – Ninety-Nine (Remix for Mumdance)
3. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Untitled
4. Fis – Branch Light
5. Sculpture – Fabrication II
6. Sweet Exorcist – Testsix (Toneappella) (Warp)
7. Mite – Cemetery Seance (Embassy)
8. Logos – Glass (Different Circles)
9. Pinch – Water Bomb (Tectonic)
10. Untold – Doff (VIP)
11. Acre – No Signal
12. Mumdance & Logos – Hall Of Mirrors (Tectonic)
13. Mumdance & Logos – In Reverse PIV (Keysound)
14. Mumdance & Logos – Cold (Tectonic)
15. Helm – Outerzone
16. Wanda Group – Piano In The Corner Of The Room
17. Strict Face – Rushed
18. Mumdance, Logos & Rabit – Inside The Catacomb (Different Circles)
19. Inkke – Choong (Devil Mix)
20. Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec (FABRICLIVE VIP) (XL exclusive)
21. Mumdance feat. Riko – Take Time VIP (Rinse exclusive)
22. Eastwood & Oddz – Coalition (A.R.M.Y Bullet)
23. Jon E Cash – Kamikaze (Black Ops)
24. Bass Selective – Blow Out Part II (SOUR)
25. Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness (Uphoria)
26. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Six Days (Remix Records)
27. Ramos & Supreme – The Journey Part 1 (Hectic)