Jack Adams (a.k.a Mumdance) will release a 32-track mix and compilation called Shared Meanings in November. 

Shared Meanings is Adam’s sixth major mix project in six years, and inspired by “the dancefloor experiences that transcend location and language to unite people.” It’s the “natural next step” from Radio Mumdance, the far-reaching radio project that saw Adams play back-to-back with some of his favourite artists: Nina Kraviz, DJ Stingray, DJ Storm, Surgeon, Ben UFO, Josey Rebelle, and many others. Across a 97-minute session, Shared Meanings draws from the ideas and inspirations Adams’ gained across those 40 weekly shows.

The mix comprises 32 exclusive tracks, drawn from a panorama of contemporary electronic music—pioneers, emerging talents, brand new producers—brought together by Adams’ curatorial ear. Bambounou, Space Afrika, SØS Gunver Ryberg, and Nkisi all feature, plus a track by Mumdance & Logos called “Teachers,” which is a riff on Daft Punk’s 1997 classic of the same name.

Shared Meanings will will drop on November 20 as a free download, followed by a digital bundle of the separate tracks on November 23, in addition to a cassette of the mix and a vinyl sampler, featuring five of the tracks. 


01. SØS Gunver Ryberg “Flying”

02. Space Afrika “After They Entered It Was Only Evident”

03. Caterina Barbieri “Molecular Illusion”

04. Chevel “777”

05. Monotronique “Bounce Yo Head”

06. Bambounou “Terraforming Is No Easy”

07. Szare “Sink Hole”

08. Hector Oaks “Dare To Care”

09. Mark Broom “TwoEightFour”

10. JK Flesh “Underpass” (Weightless Version) 

11. Dino Sabatini “Bridge #43”

12. Metrist “ME Siphoning”

13. ASC “Termination Shock”

14. Homemade Weapons “Seasick”

15. Last Life “Ancient Lightning”

16. Torn “Loopback”

17. Abyss X “Allegory”

18. Sleeparchive “Smokestack”

19. Deapmash “Abstract Straight Lethal”

20. Mumdance & Logos “Teachers”

21. J Colleran “Infra01”

22. Boylan “Say Goodbye”

23. Peder Mannerfelt “Over My Face”

24. Galaxian “Viral Shredding”

25. Imogen “Katla”

26. Nkisi “Kinenga”

27. Chevel “Voices Sound In My Head”

28. Isabella “Rattle”

29. Repro “Lies of Commission”

30. D Carbone “Rush To Crash”

31. Tales of the Underground “Bliss Overdose”

32. ZULI “SW Keys”

Shared Meanings will will drop on November 20.