Years after Norwegian psych-disco duo Mungolian Jet Set unleashed its double album, We Gave it All Away…Now We Are Taking it Back, via Smalltown Supersound, we’ve received word of a follow-up LP. The forthcoming record is called Schlungs, and will feature eight tracks, all of which were composed by the production outfit alone (a first for them, actually). It is said to tell the “tales of fatal alien abductions and ghosts of murderous (but snazzily dressed) transvestites, as well as confessions of dark and illusory multimedia desires and dispatches from the borderline state of the all-consuming hyperrealism of the Internet,” and will include “drunken synths and obscure samplings of the psychedelic past, bleeping and squeaking through a jungle of tree frogs” and “funky guitars, ethereal soundscapes… hummable hooks, sexy, sassy urban beats, and tunes you can chew your bubblegum to” in its musical arsenal. So, it’s going to be weird, apparently. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Mungolian Jet Set’s Schlungs before it’s released on October 11, below.

01. 2010 – A Space Woodysey
02. Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks
03. Shelton’s On A Bender
04. Bella Lanay
05. Ties n Downs
06. We Are The Shining
07. Moonstruck
08. Smoke n Mirrors