Mexican electronic musician Fernando Corona (a.k.a. Murcof) has been crafting dark, textural soundscapes for almost a decade now, first appearing as Murcof for his Leaf Label LP, Martes, in 2002. In the time since, Corona has put out multiple LPs under his Murcof moniker as well as collaborating and producing a host of other projects, including making the logical jump to scoring films. Which brings us to his forthcoming release, La Sangre Iluminada, a re-edit of the compositions Corona crafted for the Mexican film of the same name. As in all things Murcof, we can expect the forthcoming LP to be chock-full of vast sonic landscapes and vivid textures, most likely on the moody side considering the movie‚Äôs plot revolves around “six characters who mutate into new bodies. Deep down, all six keep traces of their past lives, of the former bodies they miss; deep-seated nostalgia has a strong hold on them.” Eerie, right? You can check a little promo video for the album with some clips of the film, as well as the album’s artwork and tracklist below. La Sangre Iluminada is set to be released in vinyl format April 18 with a digital release set for May 9.

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1. Sangre y Mateo
2. Hugo 1
3. Hugo 2
4. Eugenio I
5. Eugenio II
6. Eugenio III
7. Eugenio IV
8. Paloma I
9. Paloma II
10. Paloma III
11. Paloma IV
12. Paloma V
13. Soriano I
14. Soriano II
15. Isaias
16. Soriano III
17. Isaias II
18. Isaias III
19. Isaias IV
20. Como Quisiera Decirte (Murcof Mix)

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