It seems Michigan-based Ghostly International can’t get enough of collaborations these days. Most recently the label teamed up with Creative Commons and a little magazine called XLR8R for the Christopher Willits Remix Contest. Now, the boys at Ghostly are working with SoHo botique Moss for a first-of-its-kind music compilation.

Titled M/GM 1, the comp is roughly the size of a pack of gum and is a digital memory device that holds fourteen Ghostly tracks selected by Moss’s music director Rob Fissmer. Tracks range from hip-hop, to dance, to experimental, and filesharers can rejoice. The device supports any kind of data, and Ghostly supports and encourages sharing the tracks with others.

M/GM 1 is available exclusively to Moss shoppers for this holiday season.

Tracks Included

Dykehouse “From The Cradle”
Dabrye “Piano”
Aeroc “You Say That You Love Me”
Midwest Product “Mumbler”
Tadd Mullinix “Divided By Lines”
Lusine “Weaver”
Geoff White “Ince”
Matthew Dear “Tide”
Lawrence “Spark”
Dabrye “Smoking The Edge”
Lusine “Everything Under The Sun”
Cepia “Salt Field”
Mobius Band “City vs. Country”