San Francisco is again ready for that one week of the year in which the Deerhunters and No Ages of the world descend on the city for Noise Pop. And while we’re now getting scores of updates on the previously announced lineup, music isn’t the only thing the festival organizers have on the burner this year.

Noise Pop 2009 will also see musicians delving into the world of fine art at the Sights of Sounds exhibition. The festival hand-picked a number of familiar names—DJ Spooky, Hank Shocklee, and CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady, to name a few—and commissioned them to create original visual art pieces, which will show at the exhibition. Opening night is slated for February 25, but Sights and Sounds will show until March 4 at the park Life gallery in S.F.

Details on other visual-art events, including a Noise Pop retrospective exhibition, can be found here.

Noise Pop 2009 takes place February 24 – March 1.

Sights of Sounds Confirmed Artists
Alissa Anderson, Joseph Arthur, Bianca Casady (CocoRosie), Harrison Haynes (Les Savy Fav), Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy), Nate Manny (Murder City Devils), Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Sara Sanger (The New Trust), Hank Shocklee (Bomb Squad, Public Enemy), Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), and John Vanderslice.

On the music tip, Noise Pop has now posted its full schedule, which includes details on all film, art, music, and schmoozing-related activities.

Pictured: Hank Shocklee. Photo By Rayon Richards.