Mysterious label Spoon has returned with another EP, this time from Gojnea, an alias of G76

Our interest in Spoon spiked at the start of the year when a two-track EP landed from SHAOLIN FANTASTIC, believed to be an alias of Swiss artist Alci, featuring an edit of Tony Allen on the A-Side and a minimal, after-hours track on the B-side. The music was heard in Arpiar sets and those of Ricardo Villalobos, but the people behind the music and the label were unclear. 

A second release, credited to AMBIGUOUS STATE, then arrived in the middle of summer—a darker release but still within the realms of minimal. This is believed to an alias of Martinez. 

Most recently came the label’s third release, this time from Gojnea, or G76, a young Romanian producer. 

All EPs are distributed by Paris’ Yoyaku. 

More releases are expected to land soon, but for now, you can stream the first three releases of Spoon below.