Pandilla LTD have shared a new mix ahead of their performance at this year’s Lisboa Electronica, taking place from Wed, April 4 until Sunday, April 8 in Lisbon.

The mysterious Lisbon-based Portuguese collective, once based in Berlin, are characterised by their deep and minimalistic approach to music. Hailing from distant parts of the country, the trio formed itself organically before contributing “Monk” (Original Mix) to 2014’s St. Luzia EP on Sleep Is Commercial. They’ve since developed a strong reputation for their long minimal productions, becoming a staple in record bags of some of the scene’s leading names. In addition to this, they’re also DJing with increasing frequency across Europe, and will begin touring with a live mix soon.

In line with this, and in advance of their performance, they’ve compiled a rare live studio recording, made entirely of unreleased Pandilla LTD material, which you can download via the WeTransfer button below.

When and where was the mix recorded?

We did this mix back in our studio in Odivelas, last week.

On what equipment did you record the mix?

For this mix and since it was a live jam, we used our modular plus a Roland SP 404, plus Logic and Reason, and we mixed with Live as we did use some cuts we had but nothing was truly finished.

Was there a particular idea you were looking to convey?

We took the first minute and then everything comes in a natural way. So we didn’t think about following a specific pattern, instead, we keep playing it and feel what that moment wanted to lead us to, keeping it real to us, not focused to achieve some kind of specific point, just the energy involved in our orbit.

Lisboa Electronica 2018 takes place from Wed, April 4 until Sunday, April 8 in Lisbon, with more information, including tickets and lineups, here.