Sault have surprise released a new album, UNTITLED (Rise)—their fourth album in 18 months.

Sault, an anonymous British music collective, made their debut in May 2019. They’ve since released three albums, beginning with 7 in September 2019. Earlier this year, they shared UNTITLED (Black Is) and now they’ve put out UNTITLED (Rise). Still today, nothing is known about the collective; there are no interviews, videos, or even live appearances. Revenues have been donated towards charitable causes.

UNTITLED (Rise) shares the aesthetic of their earlier work, which is to say sumptuous R&B, house, and disco. CD and vinyl pressings are available for order via Bandcamp, with copies shipping November 16. Meanwhile, you can stream the album in full via the player below.


01. Strong
02. Fearless
03. Rise
04. I Just Want to Dance
05. Street Fighter
06. Son Shine
07. Rise Intently
08. The Beginning & the End
09. Free
10. You Know It Ain’t
11. Uncomfortable
12. No Black Violins in London
13. Scary Times
14. The Black & Gold
15. Little Boy