The maestro of mash-ups and Pied Piper of party people, Pittsburgh’s Gregg Gillis (a.k.a. Girl Talk), solidifies his role as a file-sharing philanthropist today with the release of his brand-new full-length album, which is available for a completely free download with no strings attached. The 12-song sample-heavy opus is called All Day, and is said to be “the most insane and complex pop collage album ever heard” and “the most fully realized and evolved manifestation of the Girl Talk aesthetic.” Seeing as how the whole thing is 71 minutes long and features 373 samples of some of the most recognizable radio hits and obscure musical treasures, the statements from the album’s press release could potentially be more truth than fiction. You can find out for yourself, and download All Day as either one whole track or 12 cut-up pieces here. The album art and tracklist are below.

01. Oh No
02. Let It Out
03. That’s Right
04. Jump on Stage
05. This Is the Remix
06. On and On
07. Get It Get It
08. Down for the Count
09. Make Me Wanna
10. Steady Shock
11. Triple Double
12. Every Day