Nabihah Iqbal (formerly Throwing Shade) has shared two new tracks from her upcoming debut album, Weighing of the Heart, namely “Eternal Passion” and “Zone 1 to 6000.”

Said to be a “prime example of the album’s two intertwining styles,” “Eternal Passion” co-mingles touchstones of old-school house—like robotic, 808-style handclaps—with melodies played on a somber, live-recorded bassline. In contrast, “Zone 1 to 6000” gives a sense of existential doubt, pondering the daily struggles and pleasures which mark day-to-day life. Her approach to the song’s structure and lyrics was partly informed by reading poetry.

“Both of these tracks were inspired by poetry, William Blake and Matthew Arnold,” comments Nabihah. “”Zone 1 to 6000″ is about London, and the different feelings and experiences of living in a big city. It’s also about figuring out a pathway—whether that’s pursuing what you want, or being stuck in a rut and compensating for routine and monotony by acts of escapism”… “Eternal Passion” is about what makes people want to live,” Nabihah goes on to explain. “It’s about how struggle and pleasure are simultaneous forces that push us through mortality.”


01. Eternal Passion
02. Zone 1 to 6000

Weighing of the Heart will land on December 1 via Ninja Tune, with “Eternal Passion” and “Zone 1 to 6000” streaming in full below.