NastyNasty has today shared his new double-single, Loner / Starcrossing, available now on all digital platforms via Dome of Doom.

NastyNasty, real name Jasper Reeder, self-released “Loner” on SoundCloud and Bandcamp last Valentine’s Day as a gift to his fans, celebrating 10 years of the project with the “most nostalgia-inducing song he’s written in years,” he explains. He now shares “Starcrossing,” available as part of a double-single alongside “Loner.” He left the track off Hideous Mask, his most recent album, because its hopeful tone contrasted the misanthropy and frustration expressed via the long-player, even though “I’d always known it to be a strong song through crowd reactions,” Reeder says.

Explaining why he’s released it alongside “Loner,” he continues: “The two songs balance each other nicely, ‘Loner’ brings overt emotional tones in the form of a sweeping chord structure giving way to a big sawtooth bassline, relenting only for vocals to peak out and disappear into the sea of delays. The B-side, “Starcrossing,” begins in a much more emotionally cold tone, establishing its environment of filth before exclaiming ‘It’s…over’ through its granulated vocal utterances.”


01. Loner
02. Starcrossing

Loner / Starcrossing is available here, while you can stream “Loner” and “Starcrossing” below.

Artwork | Albert Albaladejo