Nathan Fake is set to release his debut 12″ on Ninja Tune.

The British electronic ace—who has previously released on James Holden‘s Border Community label, Traum and most recently his own Cambria Instruments imprint—will release ‘DEGREELESSNESS’ in December.

The two-track EP will be the first music to be released from his forthcoming new album, is a collaboration with NYC resident Prurient (a.k.a Vatican Shadow), the founder of the Hospital Productions label. Nathan met Prurient in Brooklyn where the seed for a collaboration was sown.

“Although our music probably seems pretty different from each other’s on the surface, I felt there was a strong link from a rhythmic and melodic standpoint, and I admired his vocal performances in his Prurient material which were both charismatic and masculine but not tiresomely so,” says Nathan.

DEGREELESSNESS started off as a 16-bar loop jam which I’d adapted from an existing melodic composition, building rhythms around it with his voice in mind. Dominick [Prurient] delivered a spoken-word vocal piece inspired by the track, the lyrical content of which is heavily obscured in the final piece, purposefully so, the whole piece becoming lost in its own echoes, with the human voice emanating from the gaps in between.

On the flip is “Now We Know”: “An attempt at a more traditional house track, built around a sample, Casio keyboard drums and FM synth, crushed onto cassette tape. It was written and recorded in a single afternoon in London, circa 2010.”


1. DEGREELESSNESS feat. Prurient
2. Now We Know

Ninja Tune will release DEGREELESSNESS on December 2 2016.