Earlier this year, Border Community labelmates Nathan Fake and Wesley Matsell inaugurated their own Cambria Instruments label with a two-track 12″, and today brought news of a follow-up EP from Fake (flying solo this time). Set to see release midway through January, Resident Advisor reports that Glaive was produced at home using “a millennium-era copy of Cubase 5 and a hardly glamorous Roland SH-09.”

Glaive was started with a couple of kick drum sounds i’d made on the SH-09,” Fake is quoted as saying. “I’ve always loved the idea of using quite ‘crap’ sounds and putting them in the context of a proper track.” The record is officially due out on January 19, and while a complete tracklist has yet to arrive, EP cut “Nuuk” (premiering via Boiler Room Debuts) can be heard in full below.