Photo | Laura Lewis

Nathan Fake will return to his own Cambria Instruments label for his fifth studio album, Blizzards.

Fake recorded Blizzards, its name a nod to the tumultuousness of British politics, using a deliberately restricted hardware setup, and most of the tracks were recorded in a single take. We’re told that the sound borrows heavily from Fake’s approach to his live show, capturing unadulterated moments of creative insight to form microscopically detailed aesthetic statements.

While the lush melodies Fake is known for are central to the album, there is also a heavy dose of experimentation, expanding on the familiar sonic palette of his earlier work. “For every warm synth and resolved cadence there is an atonal spiral and gritty distortion lurking around the corner,” the label explains.

Norfolk born and bred, Fake’s first encounters with electronic music came via the radio, hearing the likes of Aphex Twin and Orbital, and reading about the equipment that they used in magazines. This was the stimulus for him to buy some gear and begin his own sonic experiments and, linking with James Holden in 2003, Fake early output came via his fledgling Border Community label. His last album, Providence, came via Ninja Tune in 2017.

The release of Blizzards will be followed by tour dates of his live club show across the U.K. and Europe throughout 2020.


01. Cry Me A Blizzard
02. Tbilisi
03. Pentiamonds
04. Stepping Stone
05. Ezekiel
06. North Brink
07. Vectra
08. Firmament
09. Torch Song
10. Eris & Dysnomia
11. Vitesse

Blizzards LP is out April 3, with pre-order here and “Tbilisi” streaming in full below.