Hip-hop label Nature Sounds, home to Mathematics, Masta Killa, MF Doom, and others, tries their hand at documentary filmmaking with Beat Kings: The History Of Hip-Hop. Spearheaded by Wu-Tang Clan member DJ Mathematics, the story chronicles the genre from the days of Afrika Bambatta to modern day artists like Kanye. Fear not, it isn’t “just another hip-hop documentary.” This one’s beat-centric, meaning the filmmakers collect first-hand accounts of equipment used, annals on how the beats were made, and technique tips, and keep the focus on the making of the music. In the studio interviews include Havoc (Mobb Deep), Trackmasters, RZA, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Prince Paul, and more.

Beat Kings: The History Of Hip-Hop is out later this year on Nature Sounds.