Los Angeles-based podcast series Neptunian Influence is celebrating its one-year anniversary with an exclusive mix from Lost Trax.

Neptunian Influence is the brainchild of LA electro purveyor Miranda Calzada (a.k.a. Whipnotiq), who created the podcast out of a deep passion for electro and the desire for a wider representation of dance genres in the LA underground scene—Neptunian Influence will also expand into a record label this year. So far, Neptunian Influence has hosted mixes from some of electro’s brightest talents, including Sassmouth, Athene, Shinra, Subversive, Kiernan Laveaux, and Calzada herself.

Handling the one-year anniversary celebrations is the enigmatic and anonymous Lost Trax—a group with releases on influential labels such as Delsin, Tabernacle Records, Shipwrec, and Frustrated Funk—who weave twisted acid lines and tight rhythms into a hypnotic 70-minute mix.

You can listen to the mix below.