Milan-based imprint Parachute is set to release the debut EP from Sergio Maggioni (a.k.a. Neunau), which will be released at the end of May.

Italy’s Parachute Records was set up in 2014, and has put out music by Clockwork (as well as CW/A, his collaboration with Avatism), Camara and the late Max_M amongst others. The label’s next record comes from Neunau, an artist making his debut with an EP of sounds recorded at the ancient forge museum in Bienno, in the middle of one of the largest valleys in the central Alps. According to the label, he has used natural phenomena (water, iron and microphones) to “grind contemporary dance music to its barest essentials.”

Ahead of the release, the artist has put together a short documentary. Check out the trailer to it below.

Neunau is set for release on May 27, and can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. Check out one of the cuts from the EP below.