A new 120-person club has opened in Mexico City, called Yu Yu.

Centred in one of Mexico City’s young, pulsing areas, La Juarez, Yu Yu is located down in a small underground basement of a 19th-century house, and is already filled every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. The secretly hidden door opens for only 120 people and unites the exciting new and verterán underground artists every nigh, aiming to mix “all kinds of people interested in connecting in a very small dance floor to communicate through music and dance.” The sound system is equipped with new Martin Audio Blackline X series and an Alpha Recordings 9000 rotary mixer.

Bookings are arranged by local bookers with night’s hosted by Mexico City’s most known groups, including NAAFI, Cuatro Cuartos, and Departure Records. The club has already hosted nights with Rhadoo, Gaika, Auntie Flo, Cubenx, NAAFI, Tin Man, and RAMZI—and 2018 will see the following all perform: Interstellar Funk, Lawrence, DJ Richard, Evan Baggs, Skatebård, Fort Romeau, Magic Touch, Nicola Cruz, Olin, Demian Litch, NAAFI , Francis Harris, Jo Sep, Aerea Negrot, Patrice Scott, Olga Koro, CCL, Soul of Hex, Itzone, Young Male, and many more.

More information can be found here.