Party-starting production duo The Count & Sinden have finished work on their debut full-length album, Mega Mega Mega, and, despite not yet having a releasing label picked out, are set to drop the thing August 23. The new record is 12 tracks of humongous, bass-heavy dance music made with the ethos of the production duo’s own club night—which shares its name with the upcoming record—in mind. Featured on Mega are vocal talents from Rye Rye, Katy B, Bashy, Trackademicks, 77 Klash, (the wonderfully named) Coolio Iglesias, and Mystery Jets, who contribute to the album’s first single, “After Dark.” That track can be heard July 9, and you can check out a minimix of the record’s 12 tunes here. Mega Mega Mega‘s artwork and tracklist are below.

1. Do You Really Want It (feat. Trackademicks)
2. After Dark (feat. Mystery Jets)
3. Desert Rhythm
4. Hardcore Girls (feat. Rye Rye)
5. Roll Out (feat. 77 Klash)
6. Elephant 1234
7. Hold Me (feat. Katy B)
8. Mega
9. Addicted To You (feat. Bashy)
10. Panther
11. Llamamé (feat. Coolio Iglesias)
12. You Make Me Feel So Good