Earmint – Robert Krums delivers a debut release flavored with hip-hop and featuring guest MCs like Murs, Psalm One, and Illogic, but expect elements of unpredictability to show up throughout the album.

Tristeza – Something that will please both longtime fans and those unfamiliar with the band, this first CD/DVD combo release features a 30 minute handmade tour film and a bonus video for “Stumble On Air” from their A Colores release.

Dof – His new album Sun, Strength, and Shield uses all of his usual found sound and ambient noise tactics while showing off a more developed side of the artist’s musical abilities.

Motion Man – It’s been a long wait, but this East Bay artist’s album Pablito’s Way, produced by KutMasta Kurt and featuring Gift Of Gab, DJ Qbert, Kool Keith, and others, is finally ready for unveiling.

Supersystem – Their latest longplayer A Million Microphones shows off the fact that the band’s vocals have improved, and that they’re still exploring punk rock, electronica, hip-hop and other genres that help them cultivate their own version of pop music.