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Eats Tapes – San Francisco’s mutant shred-machines come armed with a mass of hardware synths, modified drum machines, and a MIDI Nintendo, stampeding the noise-techno meets art-rock gamut.

Meanest Man Contest – The jazzy hip-hop duo switches things up on Split, where MMC’s Quarterbar and Eriksolo offer up a healthy dose of futuristic, semi-ambient, guitar-heavy hip-hop ballads.

Terry Poison – This offering from the all-girl band of protégés is a hyper-active pop-ascent into the new French sound. “24 Hours” may be that pre-peak track that gets swanky warehouses and clubs locked, loaded, and ready for departure.

Dr. Space and Mr. Hunt – House-pioneer Gene Hunt has returned–this time with pianist prodigy Dr. Space. “Play That Song” finds the TRAX veteran at the top of his game, with a dense percussive track that fuses latin drumming,piano-driven melodies, and melodic vocals.

Dark Romantics – These minimalists make poppy, post-goth that rekindles the spirit of Iggy Pop and the tone of Echo and the Bunnymen–all without falling into the “Interpolish” category.