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dDamage – French brothers Frederic and Jean-Baptiste Hanak join forces and bring their filthy electro-punk and acid trash cut-ups to the table on Tigerbeat6’s latest compilation Let’s Lazer Tag Sometime.

Cappablack – Touted as the first Japanese group on ~scape, the two-man programming machine made up of iLLEVEN and Hashim B. combines their hip-hop production with creeping, experimental soundscapes and plenty of scratching.

Vyle – This rapper and producer falls somewhere between Chicago’s hip-hop and electronic-music scenes, pulling from both places to craft his amalgamations of Miami bass, crunk, ghetto-house, and pop.

Aja West – Taking a moment to go solo and experiment with his own version of blue-eyed soul, West pairs his unusually wide vocal rage with minimalist beats, vocal choirs, and lyrical tales of pimping and playing soccer.

DJ Pinch and P. Dutty – Tectonic Recordings’ label boss joined forces with Dutty in 2005 to release “War Dub,” and thus began an underground project of dark, dystopian dubstep that’s kept the two working together since.