XLR8R presents the Best of INCITE Online, featuring two weeks’ worth of the staff’s favorite MP3s showcased at our downloads page during 2006. This week features a variety of genres, from hip-hop to house to downtempo, and includes a bonus MP3 from the late J Dilla.

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Asobi Seksu – The group followed their successful 2004 debut with Citrus, an album packed with rhythm-driven guitar and vocal tracks sometimes energetic, sometimes ethereal, and always sung in a combination of English and Japanese.

The Presets – At the forefront of the Australian invasion, this duo is equal parts invention and dance-floor friendliness with countless tracks of cinematic instrumentals and spiky electronic pop. They even threw a little heavy rock into the mix this year.

Muallem – Munich-based Muallem gave the standard hip-hop release something of a facelift this year on his debut album Frankie Splits, with a combination of straight dancefloor rhythms and some futuristic soul that kept the flow unpredictable.

Panther – With his blend of damaged soul, falsetto disco, and broken synth, the solo affair of Charlie Salas-Humar includes everything from freaky bleeps, spastic lyrics, humping the floor, and wearing khakis and boat shoes to hipster parties.

J Dilla – It wouldn’t be a proper farewell to 2006 without giving a nod to the late producer, who the music world tragically lost in February. Here XLR8R pays a final tribute to one of the tried and true greats of hip-hop.