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Christopher Willits – A true guitar aficionado, Willits blends his skills on the six-stringed instrument with other sounds, creating avant-garde indie rock with hints of shoegaze, jazz, and ambient noise that’s bound to please fans of Kid606 and Matmos.

Fujiya and Miyagi – The British trio has packaged their six most recent singles with some new goods onto a Vladimir Nabokov-inspired album called Transparent Things. If Kraftwerk, The Happy Mondays, and mournful-yet-clever lyrics are your thing, take note.

Arbouretum – Dave Heumann and company make intricate, technically varied songs steeped in guitars and inspired by Paul Bowels’ ponderous and often spirit-crushing novel The Sheltering Sky. Here’s to gorgeous riffs designed for the melancholy at heart.

Ultre – Musical realist Finn McNicholas makes compositions of distressed piano, strings, and guitar that integrate found sound and take joy in their own calculated imperfection. All The Darkness has Gone To Details is his debut release.

Mochipet – No one ever thought the techno kids could be swayed by the gospel of hyphy, but it seems there’s a market for this strange hybrid, and this Bay Area producer known for exploring boundaries is leading the way.