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The Blow – Although electro-pop is usually the label slapped on these two, Portland’s Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt have reissued their shiny, not-for-the-radio Poor Aim: Love Songs, an album that defies all genres.

Machinedrum – Travis Stewart makes fractured, mutated hip-hop that hasn’t quite escaped the influence of IDM; but hold off on those Prefuse 73 comparisons. This multi-instrumentalist rewards the careful listener with subtle tempo shifts and unexpected sounds.

Mike Relm – An accomplished turntablist, Relm marries his skills on the decks with his mastery of numerous instruments and forms of media. The fact that “Body Rock” includes appearances from Gift of Gab and Myron Glasper, as well as Michael Belfer, is just icing on this delicious cake.

Iaka – Starting with acid beats in 1993, the Hamburg, Germany native’s sound soon evolved into leftfield breakbeat tracks, and it’s this versatility and willingness to grow that keeps him one of his city’s most popular DJs and producers.

Eternals – This Chicago-based trio wields its own specific brand of tropical, dubby funk that reveals the Windy City’s dark underbelly. Having previously recorded with John McEntire and Casey Rice, The Eternals now release Heavy International, their first self-produced album.