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Midlake – Under the moniker Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, Erol Alkan and Richard Noris remix this much-loved track from retro-Americana’s latest stars. The band often touted as the next Radiohead suddenly gets a darker, kraut-rock-meets-acid twist.

Housemeister – Germany’s Housemeister delivers an homage to those nights spent raving in sweaty, grime-ridden warehouses with vocoders à la Karftwork, electro-style 303s, and hell-bent beats made for the dancefloor.

Bunny Rabbit – This lady gets her lyrical inspiration from a childhood spent in North Brooklyn rhyming on street corners, and when teamed up with producer and life partner Black Cracker, her tracks become a collage of nightmarish prophecies, hallucinogenic dark beats, seductive sweet melodies, and raunchy raps.

Aleks and the Ramps – Melbourne, Australia’s maverick pop collective delivers a debut album of ruptured beats, psychedelic electronics, and dark humor, here remixed with a few light touches from fellow Melburnian Faux Pas.

Hakan Lidbo – Lidbo kicks off Shitkatapult’s Sweden-centric series with this track full of distorted vocals sung in Arabic, dark disco bass lines, minimal melodies, and a no-nonsense techno beat.