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Black Milk – This Detroit veteran’s second album, Popular Demand, will be released in March on Fat Beats, complete with his sharp lyricism, catchy hooks, his unmistakable swagger, and a bonus DVD. Fans of all things indie, take note!

Crystal Castles – With raw vocals, glitchy sampler tweaking, and headbanging basslines, Ethin and Alice crashe the electro scene and gives it a raw, punk undertone that adds some true grit to the genre.

Damero – With her album Happy In Grey, BPitch Control’s promotions manager brightens up winter with haunting pop-melodies and dance anthems for the soul.

Radical Face – On Ghost, Ben Cooper turns short stories into songs, and weaves the pianos, guitars, and accordions into a gentle arrangement of chamber folk, pocket symphonies, and passionate melodies.

Starkey – Co-owner of Slit Jockey Records, and a member of Philadelphia’s Seclusiasis music/design group, PJ Geissinger released his solo debut in March of 2006. Stay tuned for 2007 releases on Terminal Dusk, Trouble & Bass, and Lo-Dubs.