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Panda Bear – Animal Collective member Noah Lennox dusts off his sampler, plugs in his acoustics, and rocks out on Person Pitch, his third full-length his solo moniker.

DJ Emerson – Somewhere between minimal and banging, the micro.fon labelhead and Berlin music scene mainstay finds a home in the land of techno.

Deerhoof – Always a band that keeps fans intrigued, the trio’s latest album is just the type of sizzling guitar riffs and innovative noise-pop that keeps us listening again and again.

Phon.o – This veteran of the Detroit underground marries his southern crunk-style with some stellar techno production for a sound he’s termed Euro-Crunk.

Faruk Green – The three-piece band hails from three countries and, some say, three different planets. Two more follow-ups to their current 7” should complete the picture.