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Milenasong – The Norwegian singer/songwriter is set to release Seven Sisters in a few weeks, an album she worked on with folk pioneer Jeff Tarlton. Together the two transformed her eclectic tracks into one cohesive unit that balances traditional song writing and psychedelic experiments with equal ease.

Daedelus – We never get tired of the L.A.-based whizz kid we know as Alfred Weisberg-Roberts, who is famous for including old ’30s and ’40s cinema samples in his songs, traversing many genres within a few bars of music, and introducing the Monome, a custom-built sample trigger device, into his live show.

Cougar – What began as something casual–a bunch of guys tinkering around with music in a freezing Wisconsin basement– turned into a full-length release named Law, an album full of hook-laden melodies that sweep over guitar chords. This is unabashedly epic instrumental music.

Murderbot – Known to his Kansas City friends as Chrissy, this guy has made a name as one of the U.S.’s leading ragga jungle producers, has a hunger for dancefloor smashing tunes, and once wrote a poem about the amen break that was published in XLR8R. Quite the start for a mild-mannered grad student.

Plus Device – An ultra-secretive project on Hefty, the members of this group prefer to let their music do the talking, and marry electro-funk with Detroit, Chicago, and acid house, with subtle nuances of instrumental hip-hop woven into the mix.