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One Be Lo & Longshot – Chicago’s north-side hip-hop label is embarking into compilation territory with its first-ever sampler. Everything is a glimpse at what the EV crew has created over the last few years and what they have in store for the future.

Secret Mommy – Andy Dixon’s latest effort, Plays, is a steadfastly conceptual work, featuring a plethora of strings, woodwinds, and acoustic bass layered over manic cut-and-paste beats. Or in Dixon’s words, it’s “the most anti-electronic electronic album.” 

History Invades – Paul Albert Harper and crew are merciless about genre-blending, pelting the listener with tracks that are precise yet completely out of control, at once uplifting and melancholy, and always unpredictable.

The Tape Vs. RQM – While post-rock flavored with hip-hop is an unlikely match, these guys display a grasp on their sound and confidently mix hip-hop beats with scratchy bleeps, and pair mournful synths with casually spat lyrics.

Arc Lab – Medard Fischer squeezes a lot out of his music software on his latest album, No Spectre, sculpting his tracks into a series of errant melodies, fractured percussion, and sheer experiment that result in a battle between emotion and machine.