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Bong-Ra vs. Deformer – Jason Kohnen and jungle/hip-hop producer Mike Redman once again join forces to represent their Dutch heritage and love of crackling breaks and punching, groaning basslines.

DeerhunterCryptograms is the second full-length from Atlanta’s kings of discordant pop, and expresses the band’s ups and downs with no-nonsense rock. Get ready to slay the cynics and make the poets cry.

Nobody – The Los Angeles-based producer Elvin Estela has spent the last five years remixing Her Space Holiday, Busdriver, Mia Doi Todd, The Postal Service, and others, and for the first time you can grab these tracks up in one go.

Ghislain Poirier – Montreal’s prolific producer teams up with Brooklyn’s Mr Lee G for some new riddims and convincing flow on his new 12″, a mashup of UK ragga and infectious hip-hop beats.

Lucky Dragons – Eclecticism rules on musical tinkerer Luke Fischbeck’s new album, which meticulously incorporates guitars, trombones, shakers, fiddles, and a myriad of other instruments.