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Tomboy – Though Tomas Barfod, drummer of Copenhagen’s disco-grunge-funk outfit WhoMadeWho, has only just stepped into solo territory, dancefloor remixes of his work, like this track, are already making their way around the music circuit.

Bukue One – Released just last week, Intromission is this Bay Area MC’s first full-length, and on it he revisits the five elements he considers integral to hip-hop: rapping, DJing, breaking, graffiti, and skate boarding. In other words, having fun at all costs.

Mark Templeton – Fans of all things experimental and minimal will delight in Anticipate’s inaugural release from Templeton, whose bend is towards acoustic instruments manipulated digitally and accompanied by carefully arranged layers of field recordings.

Rootah – Germany-based Jahtari Records attempts to further marry Jamaican sounds with those cold machines more often found in IDM or techno, and label co-founder Rootah epitomizes this on his track “Holy Mount.”

Arrebite – Brazil’s Rafael and Raul’s latest release is a strange concoction of breakcore, reggaeton, drum and bass, and some seriously dark rhythms that pound and pulverize the ears in only the best possible way. Brush up on your headbanging, kids.