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Subatomic Sound System – The New York-based duo returns with Crucial Times, a selection of remixes and new music that sees the two artists continue experimenting with their maverick mash up of styles.

Battles – On Mirrors, the London-based, post-everything four-piece continues to defy all logic–and most genres– to create puzzling, yet captivating music.

Aja West – Most known for his work with The Mackrosoft, West packs a solo album with minimalist drums, roughneck falsetto vocals, and hilarious lyrical content.

Joe Beats – Much like its predecessor, Diverse Recourse operates as an uninterrupted mix of body-rocking hip-hop instrumentals, only this time with a harder, rawer, but no less sophisticated grittiness.

Dan Deacon – On Spiderman of the Rings, the Baltimore-based producer marries his training as a classical composer with his skills as sweat-and-grime-soaked party master.