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Sen KumpaAfrican Underground: Depths of Dakar is a collaboration between Senegalese MCs and Nomadic Wax Recordings, who set up shop in Dakar and opened the studio doors to anyone willing to grab the mic. The result is an album of tight musical production and politically-charged lyrics that act as the mouthpiece for social change in the country. Definitely not your average rap music.

Lymbyc Systym – Somewhere between post-rock, indie-rock, and folktronica sits the brother/brother duo that hates vowels and loves vintage keyboards, analog effects, lots of drumming, and are quickly carving a name for themselves as Mush’s latest laptop-rock creation. Fans of Tortoise, Four Tet, and My Bloody Valentine, take note.

Effacer – Appropriately signed to the UK’s experimental label Audiobulb, Effacer turns the art of sound into a true exploration on his new EP, which examines the unpredictable tendencies of abstract noise and subtle nuances of live field recording.

BloodySnowman – Ominous, cold, and, and dark are a few words that come to mind when listening to this Oakland-based producer, whose music sounds more like he’s beating the synthesizer with a large metal stick than gently tweaking its knobs. Skeptics will be pleasantly surprised it’s possible to dance to this stuff too.

Purple Crush – The title of Purple Crush’s new album, Welcome 2 Emo Club, doesn’t bring to mind heavy electro synths and programmed, dancefloor-ready beats, but such unpredictability is part of the fun when listening to this singer/producer duo.