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Clark – The Warp mainstay fuses live instrumentation with laptop technology that crosses from mutant funk into analog fuzz and some shreds of disco. Here’s to originality.

Xela – Type’s label boss dedicates his latest album to all things maritime, which translates into shrieking synths, suffocating, formless rhythms, and ominous bell chimes that’ll put any listener in the mood for this time of year.

T. Raumschmiere – Ah the sweet strains of minimalism. Shikatapult’s Marco Haas unearths this track from the depths of his hard drive for inclusion on his latest release, a collection of recordings from the last five years.

Nina Simone – Some of contemporary electronic music’s favorites take rework tracks from the late singer/songwriter’s work from the late 60s and early 70s, once again breathing life into her timeless voice.

Christopher Willits – A true guitar aficionado, he blends his skills on the six-stringed instrument with other sounds, creating avant-garde indie rock with hints of shoegaze, jazz, and ambient noise.