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Ezekiel Honig – Continuing in the vein of his ambient techno style, Honig lets his slow, simple rhythms and keyboards lie beneath numerous aspects of tape recorded city life. Languages, cars, buildings, and other things all play a part here.

Myka Nyne – A member of the legendary Freestyle Fellowship group, Michael Troy continues to spread the gospel of underground hip-hop and push the boundaries of the genre on his latest solo release Citrus Sessions.

Milenasong – Sabrina Milena layers sounds over one another the way a drawing student layers pencil strokes, and adds her own unique blend of German and English vocals to this minimal landscape.

Smoke – His debut project Bleed, which hits the shelves of record stores today, is chock full of relationships, politics, religion, fashion, and numerous other items that have colored the twenty-five year old’s life over the last four years.

Flying Lotus – His brand of instrumental hip-hop blends keyboards, skewed funk rhythms, and grinding samples into an album that sounds unique-to make an understatement-in an over-saturated market.