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Benni Hemm Hemm – The 13-piece band’s self-titled album is available for the first time outside Iceland, and weaves everything from love songs and bells to Northern Soul into the tracks.

Grizzly Bear – Think classic Americana mixed with musicals, a few psychedelics, traces of the baroque and you’ve got a pretty accurate idea of the band’s sound

Somnitone – Making a special appearance on this IDM flavored hip-hop compilation from Merck, the last of its kind, as the label is soon to close its doors forever.

Kid 606 – Leave it to the boss of Tigerbeat 6 to top off his funkstep dancehall with lyrics about Jamaican prime ministers and the laments of women who bleach their skin for cosmetic reasons.

Land Shark – His self-titled full-length takes a takes derailing hard left turn from house music and straight into the sonic realms of industrial, punk and electro.