For the cold months of winter we warmed you with mix after mix of upbeat techno on the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series. Now that spring is upon us and the rain is falling, we turn towards the slower, melancholic strains arriving these days from Bay Area label/collective anticon.

The 17 tracks here reflect the scope of the label’s catalog. In just an hour, the mix traverses ambient minor chords that bring tears to the eyes, hip-hop steeped in crisp beats and cogent lyrics, and a noisy traffic jam of sounds indecipherable from one another. Partially paralyzed keyboard player Dax Pierson (13 & God, Subtle) joins these elements into one cohesive piece with impressive ease. Hear his mix now, exclusively at the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series.

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1. Bracken “Heathens”
2. Passage “All The News That’s Fit To Print”
3. Jel “All Around feat. Stephanie Bohm”
4. Alias “What You Gave Away (Remix for The One AM Radio)”
5. Sage Francis “Climb Trees”
6. SJ Esau “Cat Track (He Has No Balls)”
7. Thee More Shallows “Night at the Knight School”
8. Themselves “Live Trap (Hood Remix)”
9. Odd Nosdam “11th Ave Freakout Pt. 2 feat. Mike Patton & Josiah Wolf”
10. Sole “Center City feat. Why?”
11. Bracken “Four-Thousand Style”
12. Dosh “Um, Circles and Squares”
13. Pedestrian “Arrest The President feat. Jel and Sole”
14. Jel “To Buy A Car”
15. Doseone “The Tale of the Private Mind”
16. Thee More Shallows “Proud Turkeys”
17. SJ Esau “Geography”