FRACAS is a new project that will focus on the “production, diffusion, and promotion of conceptual audio-visual performances.”

The artists and works invited to the label are dedicated to the exploration of sound and moving images, presenting concepts that immerse the audience in rare and singular universes. So far, the artists FRACAS has invited to its fold are Nicolas Maigret, Cyrille Henry, Franck Vigroux, Kurt d’Haeseleer, Herman Kolgen, Alex Augier, Antoine Schmitt, and Nicolas Montgermont.

FRACAS will launch on November 23 as a part of Festival Bruits Blancs at Anis Gras, a beautiful old distillery in Arcueil, with Alex Augier, Franck Vigroux, Antoine Schmitt, and Nicolas Maigret set to perform.

You can watch an introduction video to FRACAS below.

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Introduction to FRACAS – an audiovisual label from FRACAS Audiovisual on Vimeo.