Brooklyn-based trio Black Dice is preparing to release its fifth full-length, REPO, on April 7 via Paw Tracks. The aural alchemists have consistently been a go-to band for quirky, blurred, experimental noise tracks that are vaguely danceable form, as seen on the tracks from 2007’s Load Blown. The new album proves to be in keeping with the band’s general interest in the buzzy, fuzzy, and bizarre. According to a press release, REPO “irreverently mulches the sounds and images of radio, TV and Internet into a fertile compost pile squirming with new, raw life.”

Sounds promising.

01 Night Cream ?
02 Glazin ?
03 Earnings Plus Interest ?
04 Whirligig ?
05 La Cucaracha ?
06 Idiots Pasture ?
07 Lazy ?
08 Buddy ?
09 Inches ?
10 Vegetable ?
11 Urban Super Mist ?
12 Ultra Vomit ?
13 Gag Shack