A new Burial EP has surfaced.

The two-tracker, Young Death, has been listed on Discogs as the latest release from Hyperdub. If authentic, it will be the British producer’s first solo release of the year (following a collaboration with Zomby, also on Hyperdub).

According to Pitchfork, the EP was made public ahead of its planned release date due to a misunderstanding at Toronto record store Sonic Boom. An employee explained that five copies of Young Death were sold “accidentally.” Due to misleading packaging, the staff had “assumed it was a Black Friday secret listing.” He also stated that they had subsequently received a call from a Hyperdub representative, who was “not happy” about the premature sales.

The Discogs listing suggests that Young Death will be released on November 30, though this is yet to be confirmed.

A Young Death
B Nightmarket